August 12, 2020

Creating with a sense of play has become rather routine lately. With my only child, my daughter, getting ready to leave for her first year of college, I have felt the need to let go of expectations I sometimes place on myself for creating something that (I feel) is worth “sharing.” Instead, I have chosen to simply play with what feels good in the moment even if it only takes me a few short minutes to create a piece that looks more simple, childlike, and created without a lot of thought. This helps keep me in the moment, keeps me from thinking too much about what life in my “empty nest” will look like, and from, well, honestly, completely losing it to tears. (Although, the tears will come and I am giving myself permission to let them because this is a necessary part of processing this big change!)

One of my very favorite ways to create playfully is to have a simple painted background that I made by just applying some random paint colors and then adding some fresh or dried flowers/leaves/anything from nature onto this background in a sort of random, playful fashion. What is created is often an image that just makes me sigh at the simplicity and feel calmed by the textures and colors brought together.

Here are some examples of my creative play…

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