January 10, 2020

When I began to find my creativity again, I was inspired by the purple flowers that were growing all over our backyard. I have no idea what type of flower they were, I just know they were such a beautiful color of purple, rich and vibrant. And when I began to use them as a way to create color on paper, my husband even avoided mowing those parts of our lawn just so I could play with this natural source of paint!

It was so much fun just to play and make random marks with the flowers! This was a way in which I was discovering my creative side again and finding out how the color of the flower would look when rubbed onto paper. (Notice the greenish tones, too. That came from the stem of the flower.) The color on the paper is a little more muted than the actual vibrant purple flower, but I sensed a connection through this little playful journey. I felt connected to nature when picking the flowers and using them to paint with. I felt like God had just given me a little gift. I sensed what maybe He had felt as He was creating the world and picking all the colors of the flowers to color the Earth’s canvas. What a palette God’s nature has given us!

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