March 27, 2020

This expression is from my art journal last week, just as things around our world were quickly changing day to day. Life was beginning to take on a vastly different look than it had only a few days before. I was distanced a bit from reality by being on vacation while everything was unfolding, I began to feel an inner chaos building, an unsettling. I was seeking a place of solitude amidst some internal overwhelm. So out came my art journal. What began as random marks to release some of the chaotic thoughts in my mind became a swirl of understanding. A swirl that turned into release, into letting go of what is beyond my control. Adding the white at the end overlayed a sense of light. The light I knew had to shine through the inner chaos to illuminate my surrender. The lightness that took away the heavy feeling in my heart. There is always a light in the dark.

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