April 7, 2020

Our breath can be our anchor. And I needed that reminder recently. I found out that one of the local trails that I often run on is going to be closed temporarily to supposedly help slow the virus spread. After having yet another freedom taken away that caused me to react and send me quickly into anger, I knew it was time to calm my breath and surrender to our Divine Father who is greater than what is going on in this world. Our breath is given to us by God and when we can tune in to what is such a simple, yet, life-giving force within us, our heart begins to open, our mind can become more clear, our body can relax, and our spirit lets go. With the connection back to my breathing, I then found myself at my painting canvas expressing the need to breathe into my heart.

Try it. Just imagine as you are breathing in that your beautiful life-giving breath is going directly into your heart and sense how it anchor’s you. And as you breathe out, imagine letting go of what may be keeping you captive to this world and find yourself surrendering.

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