April 15, 2020

In the midst of this pandemic that is going on, it feels like the world has turned upside down. It feels like we have lost normalcy, freedoms, and living our life in contentment and the certainty of what comes next. Uncertainty is not a comfortable place for most of us. We thrive on knowing what is next, what today has in store, what tomorrow holds for us, and what next week already has on the calendar. We don’t like to “not know.” And with technology always right at our fingertips, anything we don’t know we can just Google it and know in a matter of seconds. We have become almost so comfortable in the ability to know that we have lost how it feels to not know. To be uncertain. It is a scary place that is sometimes fueled by fear and panic.

But, what if, in the midst of this uncertainty, there lies something that is certain? What if, in the midst of not knowing, we can look around us and see what is known to find some comfort to give this uncertain part of our self? Take a moment and look out your window. Or better yet, take a step outside and look around you. The trees are still budding, the birds are still singing, the grass is still growing, the flowers are still blooming, the sky and the clouds are still there, the sun is still shining, the rain is still coming, and nature just keeps happening. God’s creation. Nothing has changed there. It is still spring and God’s beauty is all around us, growing and singing and creating despite what is happening in our world. Nature hasn’t stopped. Nature is doing what it has always done, every spring. Enjoy and bask in this certainty. In the certainty of God’s creation. In knowing spring is blooming.

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