June 10, 2020

How is your daily life journey going right now? Do you have days in which it seems to flow easily…you get things done, you enjoy the activities of that day, you connect with people, you share, laugh, and love? Do you also have days that feel hard, as though there are barriers (sometimes mental, sometimes physical) to getting anything done, you feel disconnected from everyone, you have overwhelming emotions of sadness, anger, frustration? Both of these type of days are completely acceptable especially given what we have been experiencing in our country recently. So first and foremost, give yourself permission to feel whatever it is you need to feel. Allow self-compassion to enter your heart. 

Part of the journey of our life is to welcome both the hard and the easy days. We have lessons to learn and growth to discover in the journey. And while our ultimate destination is to be in heaven with our Savior, the way we get there lies in our journey of faith. Each day we are given the opportunity to embrace the moments created by God, show others what our journey with God is like, and grow in our own relationship with Him. So if the journey looks like having a growing faith-filled relationship with Christ which means welcoming Him into the hard days, too), then focus on what that looks like for you personally. For this is the earthly journey we have all been given: to be in ministry for Christ, sharing His light and love. How beautiful is that!

Creating a still moment in your journey…
Something really simple that I do quite often, especially on the days when the journey feels hard, is to take a few minutes to myself and just sit in the quiet. (Yes, I know, the quiet is hard because that is when our mind screams at us about all the “things” we should be doing and about all the feelings we don’t want to feel. But, God is there, too.) As you sit in the quiet, let the stillness of God take over. You can pray during this time to create that still connection, or you can just let your mind go crazy with all of it’s chaotic thinking until you feel God settle into your heart. Because He will. When you create the still quiet space for Him, He always shows up.

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