June 3, 2020

There is sometimes a darkness that wants to swallow me up. Sometimes it is triggered by external circumstances, sometimes it is triggered by internal circumstances. Either way, this darkness can sneak up on me, taking me by surprise or it can be a slow build up of which I am completely aware of it happening.

The thing about darkness is that it is needed. As much as we want to deny it or shove it away, we need the darkness. It is a place that might feel frightening, uncertain, and may even paralyze us with fear. But, it is a place we have to allow ourselves to be. It is a place where the “yuck” of life gets processed and gets to be seen and heard for what it is. Sure, it might not feel like a very safe or comfortable place to be, but without the dark we won’t grow. We have to see the “yuck” in order to learn what isn’t working for us in our life anymore, what may need to change, what needs to be healed, or maybe what needs to be let go of. It is the place where we can begin to grow.

And without darkness there wouldn’t be light. Healing light. For in the cracks that show up in the darkness (because there ARE always cracks), the light shines through. And this light is where the healing comes from. The light can be Divine love, the love of our Father. It can be light from a friend or a family member reaching out to support us. It can be a light from a random stranger you suddenly connect with. Whatever the source of your light, remember the cracks to let the light shine through.

Trust that the light will shine through the cracks.

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