May 19, 2020

We have some beautiful potted flowers that are full of color and vibrancy on our deck right now (my husband’s gift to me every Mother’s Day is a variety of flowers to bring some beauty into our outdoor space). There is one plant right now (I don’t know what it is) that seems to lose a flower almost every day. So I have gotten into the habit of rescuing the day’s flower after it falls onto the deck and using it in my artwork.

One of my absolute favorite things to create with is nature. Specifically, dried and fresh flowers. There is something so simple, pure, and life giving in finding ways to make inspiration come from God’s creation.

Thoughts I had this week as I collected the flowers seemed to come around the concept of blooming and blossoming. Both come from the growth of a seed that is planted under the surface and when nourished in just the right way, eventually produces something that blooms and blossoms. Not unlike us. When we nourish what is underneath our surface, our inner being, with love, kindness, and forgiveness, we grow. And with this growth we can bloom and we can blossom. Maybe one comes before the other. Bloom and then blossom or blossom and then bloom. I am not really sure. Or maybe they happen at the same time. Maybe they are actually the same thing.

Whether you bloom or whether you blossom, remember, it begins on the inside when you nourish yourself. Be loving and kind to yourself, forgiving yourself when you struggle, and finding grace for yourself when things get hard. Then embrace your blooms and your blossoms as a part of who you are through the Spirit living in you!

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